Game Plan Ministries


Churches and Men's Groups

    "Like thousands of others, I have observed Dave's unique journey into the valley and triumphant climb back.  His message is for those who know what it is to fall and are searching for a way back. Dave Bliss is transparent and brutally honest.  Very simply, he is the best men's speaker we have ever used."            
                                                                                    - Mark Denison, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Conroe, TX

    "Dave Bliss spoke to a standing-room-only Men's Breakfast and we were amazed at the response.  His message was a sobering wake-up call about the condition of one's character.  I highly recommend Dave to any church or organization."                                                                                              - David Sweet, Hays Hills Baptist Church    

    "Dave was invited to our church and to tell you the truth, we didn't know what to expect. His humility and brokenness told a story that every man and woman needed to hear. It was great. What a great story of redemption.                                                                                             -Richard Koons, Ovilla First Baptist Church

    "Coach, I wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have had you share at the T*CAL All-Star Banquet. You made a long-lasting and immeasurable impression on our kids, our parents and our coaches and staff. Your awe inspiring message comes from not only a repentant coach's heart, but that of a loving father, husband and leader who has been "through the fire." May the Lord bless you mightily."                    - Jason Balli, AD for T*CAL

    "Thanks for your kind words. You were and are awesome! Thanks for letting us in.  You have a cool message and deliver it with an authentic heart."                                      - Steve Johnson, Head Football Coach, Bethel University

     "Not only do we appreciate your speaking to our Seniors, but I am also thankful you were willing to share your mistakes so candidly.  You did a fantastic job at our Senior Breakfast."
                                                                                     - Branda Pavlas, Senior Counselor, Bruceville-Eddy High School

    "Thanks for sharing with our UTSA FCA! The athletes were inspired by your honesty and candor. Kids need to hear this message."                                                                                               - Brad Parrott, Assistant AD, UTSA

   "Your talk to our student body was perfect, but I think the faculty enjoyed it even more. Your humor, while relating a very difficult experience, was wonderful!"  
                                                                                             -Shelley Henry, Counselor, San Marcos Baptist Academy

   Coaches and Players

    "Thank you for your time and I believe with everything in my body that God will use your voice and ministry to affect the broken lives of so many coaches and people.  This afternoon I felt the desire to get back and surrender myself to Him daily again."                                                                                     - Rob Shivers, High School Coach

    "I wanted to thank you for speaking at THSCA. Both as a Christian and a coach, I needed to be reminded that coaching is a ministry."                                                                                        - Brad Lacey, High School Coach

    "Ever since I returned from the Final Four, I have wanted to write and say your testimony was the highlight of my weekend.  Your transparency and openness really impacted me.  God is using you in a mighty way."                    
                                                                                                                          - Todd Duncan, High School Coach

    "Thanks for the time and effort you spent on our clinic and also for the impact you've had on my life."
                                                                                   - David Piehler, High School Coach and Former Player at SMU 

    "It's truly exciting to know that, although you have experienced much, you are willing to encourage others, to share God's forgiveness.  It's a thrill to know you are taking the route you are taking."                 - Zig Ziglar
     "I am thrilled to hear about all the good things you are doing through your faith.  You have certainly made lemonade out of lemons."                                       - Ken Blanchard, Author, One Minute Manager, Lead Like Jesus

    "Dave's life parallels the life of Chuck Colson (former White House power broker who spent time in prison, spawning his prison ministry). To the basketball world he may become a Chuck Colson."
                                                                                                                 - Morris "Mo" Michalski, Athletes in Action

     "Dave Bliss said many good things that were highly quotable. You could see how he led a team or can captivate an audience."                                                                                                        - Greg Jaklewicz, Abilene Reporter

     "Many thanks for speaking to our Club. I know it must have been difficult, but I can assure youthat your comments and the direct manner in which you delivered them were tremendously well received and the feedback has been very positive. Thanks again!                                         - Bruce Hunt, President, Dallas Salesmanship Club